We produce award-winning wines that strike a delicate balance between being dry and fruit-forward while exhibiting the elegance of gentle oak aging.

Each vintage tells the story of the growing season with all of its trials and tribulations. We make every effort to nurture our vines to optimum health and fruit production. We grow traditional European varietals of vitis vinifera. We only use grapes grown in Virginia and do not use commercial concentrates or additives to intensify our wines. These choices are consistent with our values, and we believe are true to Jefferson’s original vision of winemaking in Virginia. Our wines pair well with food and are delicious on their own. Click here to purchase. 

Signature Series

These world-class wines exemplify the best Jefferson Vineyards has to offer. The blends are produced from the finest grapes and receive the utmost care and crafting in the winery. The results are elegant, rich, and full-bodied wines for a variety of palates.

Jefferson Vineyards Series

These varietal wines express the true characteristics of grapes grown in Virginia. Their complexity and balance make them delightful. Each year we also craft a variety of reserve red wines, made from the best fruit and available in limited quantity.

Painters Palette Series

This label series connects the art of former winery owner Stanley Woodward with the art of winemaking he and his family have supported for the last three decades. These lively wines are fruity, fun and add a splash of color to the tasting experience.

Our Wine List

Our Winemaker

Christopher Ritzcovan

Growing up in idyllic northern Westchester County NY, amongst a family of gardeners who planted and harvested a variety of plants, Christopher Ritzcovan learned at an early age to appreciate the natural world and its richness. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Chris began his tenure at Jefferson Vineyards in 2007. Soon after a hiatus for graduate school, Chris returned to our winery where he helped manage the cellar. Upon being appointed Winemaker in 2013, Chris has blended wines that display a fresh, fruit-forward style accompanied by a soft mouth feel while maintaining a bright, crisp acidity and dry finish. Many of these wines have earned prestigious international awards, including a double gold medal at San Francisco's 2014 International Wine Competition for our 2013 Viognier.